It’s that time again!

“The Adopt-A-Family program is part of the Department of Economic Security’s Division of Developmental Disabilities. Each holiday season we rely on the generosity of the Tucson Community to help families facing a difficult season due to financial challenges.

This year we have adopted 4 large families to help give them a good holiday season. I will post the family information and wish lists. You can either purchase gifts to donate or donate cash and we will purchase the gifts. We have to deliver the gifts to the DES office by Friday, December 14th. So the last event to bring gifts to is Atheist Pizza Night on Sunday, December 9th, otherwise, you will need to contact us to arrange delivery.

Thank you to all who donated! Here we are loading up the 2nd carload for delivery!


Each family member also received a stocking handmade by Lydia Simon, and each family received a box of homemade fudge & cookies.

Family of Tanner O.

FAMILY CIRCUMSTANCES: This is a family of 8, but the oldest son no longer lives at home — so now this is family of 7 at home! There are 4 boys & 2 girls, all of which are the biggest blessings for us (according to the family)! The 3rd oldest is Autistic & has Type 1 Diabetes; the family states: “He is an inspiration to us all!). The family lives on 4 acres in a mobile home they have rented for 5 years… and they hope to buy a home next year. They’ve owned a business for the last year doing maintenance for all kinds of homes. The family states: “It has been a struggle and a joy!” as they love to help other people as much as they can in any way they can.

Should the sponsor wish to buy a gift card to a grocery store, what store would they prefer? Fry’s or Costco

-three Bloodhounds: Tracker (Male), Red (Male), Madi (Female) All Large
-two Kittens: Twix (Female) and Shadow (Male)
-one Pig: Boots (Female)
-6 Chickens
-5 Turtles
And lots of Fish!
The family is not picky about food brands because they always get the cheapest

Tanner O Family wishlist

Note: Jaden has an XBox 1, so any games should be for that.

Purchased so far:

Tanner:  How to draw Pokemon book, Drawing pad, pencil set.. Pokemon throw blanket. Pokemon wall decals.

Jaden: Lego Marvel Avengers xbox game. Blue/Grey backpack.

Mom Caressa: Picture frame, 10-inch  & 8-inch Skillets, King bedding.

Dad James- Wrangler jeans, Figure drawing for comics books, Drawing pad, pencil set.

Kelsey: Cherry socks, Camera.

Faith: S’mores socks, Fashionista Barbie. Shopkins stables playset. Shopkins muffin kitty kitchen.

Thor: 100 pcs Mega Blocks, cowboy hat

Animals- catnip toys, Doggie stocking full of toys, Cat food & dog food.

Decor: Tree skirt, Santa hat, Penguin platter

Family of Ofelia L.

FAMILY CIRCUMSTANCES: Caring for a child with special needs and medical issues requires frequent trips to doctors, specialists out of town, and therapy appointments resulting in many missed days of work for parents. Due to the Ofelia’s frequent medical and therapy appointments, as well as calls from the school, mom has had to miss many days of work and was recently fired from her job due to this. Mom was the primary income provider for the family and step-dad frequently has to work long hours where he is unable to transport Ofelia to her medical appointments. It is difficult for many families within the DDD system to balance the demands of their work with the priority of caring for their child’s medical needs and well-being. This family will always put the care of their children first and unfortunately, that means mom’s work had to suffer and she lost her job. The member has scheduled surgeries and medical procedures coming up before Christmas making mom’s job search nearly impossible until Ofelia has completed her surgeries, procedures, and has recovered.

Should the sponsor wish to buy a gift card to a grocery store, what store would they prefer? Fry’s.

Ofelia L family wishlist

Purchased so far:

Ofelia: Painting kit- snow scene. Color Me Mine gift cert.

Cecilia: Earbuds. His Dark Materials book set.

Mom Lorenia: Silver toaster, picture frame, 6-quart red stockpot. Red dish set for 5.

Dad Arthur: 100 piece Screwdriver & Bits set.

Alexis: Peppermint Swirl soap & lotion set. Fancy soaps, Vanilla sugar set. Pink spot backpack. Pair of black jeans.

Decor: Tree Skirt, Santa Hat,

Family of Arnold M.

FAMILY CIRCUMSTANCES: Dad has been in jail since 8/24/18 and they are not sure when he’s getting out. Mom is working part-time, 5 hrs. per day, since she is not able to work full-time due to having to be with her children when they are home from school. Mom has to pay all the utilities and bills on her own and will not be able to afford Christmas gifts this year.

Should the sponsor wish to buy a gift card to a grocery store, what store would they prefer? Fry’s, Walmart, or Food City

Animals in the home: Family has a medium sized dog who eats adult dog food.

Arnold M Family Wishlist

Purchased so far:

Arnold:  3 small dinosaur books. Telling Time Bingo game.Ninja turtle activity book

Mom Diana: Crock pot, dish towels,

Dad Jose- 10 piece plier set.

Juan: 4 Hot Wheels cars.

Diana:Pink backpack.

Animals: Doggie stocking w/toys. Dog food sample. Dog food.

Decor: Christmas cover, Ornament set, Tree soap

Family of Sebastian F.

FAMILY CIRCUMSTANCES: When Sebastian was born, he died twice in his first few hours of his life. He is a twin that was born with developmental complications due to diagnosis of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. This left him with no hearing in his left ear, a kidney that is only working at 35%, and the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. In September 2018, he went with his parents to Phoenix and spent a week at the Ronald McDonald House because his parents had to learn how to administer the “Dialysis Procedure”. His older sister, twin brother, and twin 5 year old sisters stayed with family members. Sebastian’s mother was also very ill this summer, and the whole time she thought it was only stress. Mom spent 8 days in the hospital because she had “hyperthyroidism” which caused her rapid heartbeat, legs cramps, and she lost about 30 pounds in one month. Last year, dad was in a serious accident and almost lost his sight in one eye. He was out of work for almost six months. The family has had a couple of years with major health issues. Being selected by this program will truly help them forget the bad times they have had.

Should the sponsor wish to buy a gift card to a grocery store, what store would they prefer? The family would prefer Walmart or Fry’s.

Animals in the home: The family has two, large Bassett Hounds who eat any brand of dry dog food.

Sabatian V Family wishlist

Purchased so far:

Mom Maria: 6-quart stock pot, 3 saucepan set. Winter coat

Dad Ramon: Winter coat, Queen bedding

Santiago: Batman/Ninja Turtles adventures comic book, Green puffer jacket.

Sebastian: Red puffer jacket. Batman/Ninja Turtles comic.

Layla: Frozen snowman, Disney Infinity book. Twin bedding

Erendida: Hello Kitty PJs. Winter coat. Queen bedding.

Leah: Frozen reindeer. Twin bedding

Animals: Doogie stocking w/toys, Dog food.

Decor: Christmas Cover,  Ornament set, Santa soap

Thank you!

Jennifer & Colette

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