Adulting 101 Class series!

Hey all, we are so happy to announce our Adulting 101 class series. For all those skills you wish you had learned earlier. Now you have the chance to get them! Here is our current schedule:

Adulting 101- Beginning Sewing part 1
04/08/2020 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Guild Mortgage conference room- 1600 N Kolb Rd Suite 118, Tucson, AZ

Adulting 101- Adult and Pediatric First aid/CPR/AED
04/12/2020 9:00am – 3:00pm
Guild Mortgage conference room- 1600 N Kolb Rd Suite 118, Tucson, AZ

Adulting 101- Mortgage Loans
04/14/2020 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Guild Mortgage conference room-1600 N Kolb Rd Suite 118, Tucson, AZ

Adulting 101- Beginning Crochet
04/16/2020 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Guild Mortgage conference room- 1600 N Kolb Rd Suite 118, Tucson, AZ

Adulting 101- Beginning Sewing part 2
04/22/2020 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Guild Mortgage conference room- 1600 N Kolb Rd Suite 118, Tucson, AZ

Click the links to sign up. Each class has a nominal class fee. We will be adding more classes soon!

2020 projected Budget

TACO Team Projected Budget (2020) 
Projected IncomeUSD 
Individual Donations1000
AZ Gives Day800
Donation Boxes100
Giving Tuesday200
Corporate Donations  
Roadhouse Cinemas100
Fry’s Community Rewards200
Amazon Smile50
Restaurant fundraisers200
Paypal Giving Fund20
Events and Fundraising 
Animal Food Bank drive351
Craft Fairs1800
Adulting Classes100
Wonder Woman Road House screening1185
Pride Bowl400
Comedy Night800
Tucson Meet Yourself300
T-shirt, Magnet sales300
Interest Earned1
Total Projected Income8107
 Projected ExpensesUSD
Programmatic Activities 
Payout to So AZ Animal Food Bank351
  Wonder Woman screening @ Road House585
  Payout to Emerge from Wonder Woman600
  Pay out to SAGA for Pride Bowl300
  Pay out to ? For  Comedy Night500
  Tucson Meet Yourself Booth250
Events and Fundraising 
Adulting Classes supplies, refreshments150
Craft Fair booth fees to So AZ Animal Food Bank200
Craft fair expenses100
Comedy Nights booker & headliner300
   Event advertising500
   T-shirt, sticker, magnet printing500
   Newsletter & mailing printing300
Website expenses400
Total Projected Expenses5296

2019 Year End Fundraiser

2019 was a year of many changes. We hope 2020 will be our year of growth. We hope to add new members, provide more direct giving and services to our members and finally get a brick and mortar space to do the following:

  • Hold meetings where members would not feel obligated to purchase food to attend. Such as Grief Support, Book Group, secular addiction support groups, small discussion groups.
  • Have a separate room from the meeting room to provide childcare during meetings so more members can attend events.
  • Have a storage room to store donations for clothing or food drives.
  • Hold adult enrichment classes- learn new crafts, cooking skills, essential repair skills, financial literacy, civic engagement.
  • Bake sales or craft fairs
  • Fundraising events, comedy nights, speaking engagements, etc
  • Kitchen area for cooking classes, potlucks, regular community dinners open to public
  • Parking area large enough for members to park during events, space for food trucks, space for Produce on Wheels Without Waste distribution
Mock up of possible space.
Something like this could be ours!

Current rents for a building space such as this is between $1000-$3000/month.  Once we have the space the possibilities to raise funds will be much easier.

Please help us get closer to this dream. Donate here.

On our way there we will need smaller things as well.

  • An HP Laserjet Printer, $369.
  • Replacement cartridges, ~$200 x 4. 
  • Paper, envelopes, cardstock, ~$120
  • Quickbook accounting software 1 yr subscription, $75

Any amount will help us to our goal. Please donate and/or share our campaign and help us make Southern Arizona a safe, welcoming and supportive place for Atheists, Secularists, and Non-religious people. 

Holiday Fundraiser for Tucson 2nd Chance Community Bail Fund

DES has not returned our repeated emails regarding the Adopt-A-Family program so this year we decided to try something new! This year we will raise funds for Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund and help reunite families for the holidays. 

“The Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund (TSCCBF) was established to address the disproportionate impact of the cash bail system on communities of color and vulnerable populations here in Pima County. This effort is an outgrowth of Black Lives Matter (BLM) Tucson’s May 2017 “Mama Bailout Campaign.” That campaign raised money to free mothers in jail as part of a national effort by BLM to raise awareness about the inequities and immorality of using cash bonds to secure the court appearance of defendants. The “Mama Bailout Campaign” was a success, and it helped illuminate the persistent and ongoing need for continued cash bail assistance initiatives here in Pima County. As a result, the Second Chance Bail Fund Coalition (made up of local lawyers, activists, and concerned citizens) was created to manage and facilitate the creation of TSCCBF, in an effort to help end the criminalization of poverty in Tucson.”

Make a direct donation for our fundraiser here. Fundraiser runs through midnight on December 21st.

We are hoping to have a bake sale/craft fair to aid our fundraising efforts, but need somewhere to host, if you have a place you can host us, please contact us today!