January 12, 2019

Those present are: Jennifer Reeve, Colette Jennings, Emma Crawford, Natalie Woods, Sathya Lacey, Lydia Simon, Christina MacDonald, and Steve Mills.

Tucson Atheist Community Outreach Team, Inc

Brainstorming Session

First Watch Restaurant, Tucson, AZ


Membership is discussed and monthly dues and levels are decided.

Chips & Guac – $5 per month

-TACO Team branded cozy

Quesadilla – $10 per month

-Car magnet, all below items

Fajita – $20 per month

-Lanyard, all below items

Chimichangas – $50 per month

-TACO Team t-shirt, all below items

Taco -$100 per month

-All the items listed above + TACO Team calendar + VIP seating + website recognition


Jennifer wants to give TACO more visibility in the community. Hosting a bake sale/craft table will draw in an audience. Christina said that the Rillito Park farmer’s market would be an excellent choice since they have free tables available to non-profits. Jennifer would like to try to have a table once a month if possible. Christina and Steve will be at the State Capitol in February with the Secular Coalition and offered to take literature if we can get some printed up. Sathya will research events at both the U of A and PCC that would be a good place to set up an information booth.

Emma volunteered to assist Jennifer with back-office work and programs. She has experience with Donor Snap and will train both Jennifer and Colette. Emma will also work on designs for our merchandise and get quotes for printers. West Press seems ideal as Emma has done business with them before.

Jennifer will post to the Facebook page looking for people who want to volunteer to create original memes to give more visibility to the group on social media. Roles like this will be a great opportunity for those who have mandatory community service hours. Colette will find out who we need to reach out to in order to be on the list of organizations who accept those who need to serve.

Jennifer would like to work with local tattoo artists to have a fundraiser benefiting Treasures 4 Teachers of Tucson. Flash tattoos promoting education will be given and artists will be donating their time and skills. She also will check with Geeks Who Drink and see if they will put on Quiz for a Cause. She also is looking into local restaurants who will donate a percentage of their sales. Chipotle is not a good company to work with.

There is a photographer who did a calendar for the Hermitage that Jennifer and Emma have worked with. We would like to create an ‘Atheists Love Their Pets’ calendar for 2020. The calendars will be used as membership swag and fundraising. Lydia volunteered to make lanyards to add to our swag.

Colette will reach out to Big Brothers Big Sisters and see what is needed to host a clothing drive. She will also contact Primavera Foundation to get more information about packing sack lunches for the work teams.

Upcoming Events:

March – Captain Marvel showing at Roadhouse Cinemas benefiting Emerge!

April – Arizona Gives Day

May – TACO Team Annual Picnic – May 19 at Reid Park Ramada 7

June – 3rd Annual Pride Bowl benefiting SAGA (Emma will look at how much commemorative t-shirts would cost)

October – Tucson Meet Yourself



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